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  • lw_1988
    Unscrupulous stores, renovation of the first floor is not finished, would dare to sell out, don't even have a window, this is murder! bad! bad! bad
  • e00116209
    Good location
  • jxycd
    Quiet, but the general health conditions
  • freedomeyes
    Booked a special triple room, two people live, without Windows, because tourism is often in hotels, sooner or later, ventilation, not stuffy, hotel facilities good, very clean and most convenient five-minutes walk you can walk to the subway, shichahai, Beihai Park can walk, South Gong and drum lane can also be a good stroll, stay very high cost performance
  • cingrala
    Very good, convenient near the South Gong and drum lane play.
  • ccb1005
    Convenient, cost-effective, and also many nearby attractions, next time I go to will this
  • bloom
    Big bed room without Windows is not good, small room
  • dl00006995
    Good location, South Gong and drum lane is close to the Metro station, convenient. hotel guest house conditions, outdated facilities, the key is big bed room house Windows are not very fashionable, quilt cold and a night cap, if the accommodation requirements of words is still very good, many attractions around.
  • August.G
    All right
  • tiger136
    Near the sea, Jingshan Park, South drums Lane, nearby attractions, transportation, Metro station just a few minutes walk from. hotel was very old, the service is good.
  • bteclaoda
    Hotel location no said, shopping South drums Xiang is convenient, walk to Houhai also on 1-20 minutes, Metro walk several minutes on to, shortcomings is hotel facilities old, health status General, service OK (mattress too soft, immediately to for has a new of), live 5 floor, left side can saw big underwear (CCTV) right hand can saw North Sea TA, hope can improved facilities and health status, if can modified is staying of good select
  • E03458837
    Hotels in South Gong and drum Lane, the traffic is convenient door Metro South Gong and drum lane station walk for a few minutes, General Hotel conditions, cheap travel is not so much about overall well
  • e05731321
    Very good location, just on the Nan Luo Gu Xiang, are hard to find, has renovated the old, but nice
  • lxj6860963
    Environment can be, OK, nothing special
  • alita1229
    It wasn't too bad!
  • TetsuLiu
    Near South drums Xiang, near in the play, many men and women, is warm, special night. hotel of hardware facilities, alas, no language, called era of flower, TV is post, telephone owes served, most uncomfortable of is bathroom of floor drain and wash basin water pipeline no seal valve, sewer of odor influx room within, is was displeasure. is with garbage tube pressure live, still has odor
  • popper
    Health General, housing in has is big of mold taste, facilities also compared old, bed has collapse of feel, noise poor next door and aisle talk sound, walk sound, TV sound also has II floor theaters k song sound sound ear, after midnight only sleep, most annoying of is find parking spaces, find has long only stopped to distance has 3, 4 in of charges parking, only advantages is play location good, poor assessment!
  • BenLee2005
    Very good, very convenient! South Gong and drum lane a lot of delicious food, the hotel's delicious braised pork rice delicious inexpensive
  • canjianlengyue
    Which is very nice
  • soonoon
    Very good location, Metro station very close to the bus station, convenient. Tong, beautiful, from the North Sea, back Lakes, Houhai, Prince Gong's mansion is near, you can walk around.
  • alice0202
    Environment is so bad, the equipment is too old
  • noomnus
    Convenient! live here to play nice
  • pipilu
    Rooms at many times! every time he comes to Beijing once lived here! good surrounding environment, convenient! where is not far! Hotel conditions than ever before
  • ferra
    In a Hutong, Beijing characteristics. facility old, good services. key location is particularly good, Metro South Gong and drum lane is close to the station and the station of drum, and have a lot of good shops in the vicinity.
  • a181713
    Pretty good,
  • aying_100
    That's good
  • suntai
    Hotel location did not say, the boss is very nice! hardware conditions be improved.
  • Angela80016
    All aspects are good, better than I expected
  • singert
    Location great
  • jess__wu
    Environment around the hotel, but the rooms have obvious odors
  • Ayiana
    Other OK. near nanluoguxiang, very nice
  • leiwl
    South luogu lane is convenient to extend in all directions from the Opera, hotel people are very polite
  • codetome
    Location is good, the price is cheap, relatively clean, is a little old, come out to play one night very well.
  • jayning
    Very good location
  • licysa
    Can also
  • xin0503
    Very convenient for transportation, accommodations, great, highly recommended.
  • mumu7yao
    Hotel really can, in the alley in the nanluoguxiang area, particularly convenient, next time you will choose
  • e00148462
    Locations really of is didn't of said, in, Dongcheng District South drums Xiang next, go past is is drama, in quiet of small street next, environment very good, 11 period between also can to South drums Xiang play, commodity special more, people also special more. hotel of traffic special good, West of drum or to Ann door station, East of North Ma Division station are very convenient, surface side of Metro also is find, anyway, this price live such of hotel really of special value.
  • allenwu618
    Location good, next door is Qi Baishi House, out 400 meters around is Metro station, Pro South drums Xiang, has many features snacks, hotel is vintage of, no decoration, TV is old, bathroom water slow, we live has 3 days, didn't people make health, garbage didn't people pour, window Xia rain intrusion, just location good, travel convenient, if not mind hardware of, can consider.
  • lcj2351
    Health is not very good, bathroom plumbing has smelly rushed, probably no trap, prices in the area.
  • miding2011
    Health conditions are General, but location is very convenient, is very, very easy, lived in old lane is a good feeling.
  • guimail
    Very good location, hotel facilities some of the old boss service very good
  • Yunnnnn
    Very convenient, obsolete facilities, excellent service.
  • Iris was the
    Not worth
  • d04818184
    Hotel KTV singing until two o'clock in the morning on the second floor! Gong and drum lane is Metro station. out of the lane is not far from Prince Gong's mansion. hotel restaurant not breakfast, but cheap for dinner you could ever imagine.
  • apple
    Hotel is very easy, convenient, and also many nearby attractions, the price is very affordable, was going to live one day later for three days
  • fieldjungle
    Room was old, poor sanitation, sheets didn't seem to change
  • fyunan
    Location is the prime location, conditions generally okay, remember when water heater water ready for reuse, it is cold, staff service attitude, but the boss is good, the price is very cheap, support to
  • juliet135
    Room not clean noise is also not up to much but the service still can WiFi has by and large this lot is cheap
  • e00244846
    Although air conditioning is very warm, but is too loud, noise is not good, the rest of the good, service, health, location, after travel is preferred